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Practical Forms and Guidance Manual

This is to announce an exciting new product for K-12 schools, the Cole Facts System, Roadmap for School Investigations. It is a practical, comprehensive system for use in school investigations and response to allegations of sex, disability, race, color, national origin, ancestry, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religious-based harassment under federal civil rights laws. It is also generally applicable for bullying and cyberbullying-related investigations.

After years of training and assisting administrators and other educators on investigations of and response to bullying and discriminatory harassment, civil rights attorrney Richard Cole developed this comprehensive system of customized, model investigation forms, checklists, protocols and reports, with a comprehensive Guidance Manual.

Attorney Cole developed the Cole Facts System to promote quality, consistency and accountability in school-based investigations and response and to help schools ensure compliance with federal civil rights laws.

Key Forms Include:

  • District-wide Investigation Protocol Form
  • Investigation Tracking Form
  • Student and Adult Witness Statement Forms
  • Assessment Form for Student Perpetrators
  • Student Victim Appraisal Form
  • Equity Questionnaire for Student Perpetrators
  • Perpetrator Suspension Reentry Interview Form
  • Standardized Investigation Report Forms
  • Investigation Response Options Form

The Guidance Manual provides practical, step-by-step guidance to educators responsible for school investigations, for making investigative determinations, and for imposing disciplinary, corrective and remedial measures.

The Guidance Manual also includes sample interview questions for victims, alleged perpetrators and student and adult witnesses.

Training and Related Services:

Training and related services is offered for effective use of the Cole Facts System.

Contact Attorney Richard Cole for More Information.

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